As Optimists, we live by the Optimist Creed written by Christian D. Larson.
Named after the author of ‘The Optimist Creed’, the Christian D. Larson giving level was adopted to recognize donors who contribute a one-time $1,000 unrestricted gift. Christian D. Larson Partners join an elite group of individuals dedicated to following the Creed, and to helping fund the Foundation’s mission through their personal giving.

2Gary B. Cross13AMS & NW
6Jean-Claude St-Onge53QW
24Sharon R. Ball46MWONT
25Brian A. Clements45SWONT
28Lyle Merriam13AMS & NW
29Warren Bechthold46MWONT
30Douglas Kirby13AMS & NW
34Darryl D. Sim13AMS & NW
35Denis Thiffeault52QS
36Glen Wallace13AMS & NW
38Keith Bellamy (In Memory)45SWONT
39Glenn Turple13AMS & NW
40Diane Brown45SWONT
41Hugh G. Kellough13AMS & NW
42Keivin W. Wallace13AMS & NW
48Edward H. Simmonds47CENON
51Edith Roberts45SWONT
53Bill Cummer13AMS & NW
55Ron Bertsch35DMM
56Ginny Bisek35DMM
57Carol Wellen35DMM
59Diane Charlebois49EONT
60Jack Dyvig35DMM
62Victor Feiffer13AMS & NW
64Lillian Ulmer45SWONT
66Lee Scott13AMS & NW
67Lee Withrow13AMS & NW
72Pierre G. Bouchard50QC
77Rick Preece13AMS & NW
78Eleanor Ann Berlin13AMS & NW
79Les Rogers13AMS & NW
80Duane Kelly13AMS & NW
81Rod McKendrick13AMS & NW
82Gerry Sherling13AMS & NW
93Thomas H. Chapman13AMS & NW
94Gerard R. Paquette13AMS & NW
95Jan Bertsch35DMM
100Yves Berthiaume49EONT
104Alexander Wilson13AMS & NW
111Wyn McAra13AMS & NW
118Mitchell Pettit13AMS & NW
119Raymond Bernard53QUWE
122Gloria Kloster35DMM
127Daniel McIntyre50QC
130Daniel Durocher50QC
131Alain Simard54QENS
140Ron Huxley45SWONT
141Donald G. MacDonald47CENON
148Henry Hanson13AMS & NW
151Debbie Huxley45SWONT
160Don Williams45SWONT
161Ralph Smith13AMS & NW
163Vince Parker13AMS & NW
166Grant McNair46MWONT
168Bill Christensen35DMM
172Michael Potter49EONT
177Clinton Sopchyshyn13AMS & NW
181Lionel Grenier (In Memory)53QW
184Linda Evancio13AMS & NW
206Robert Dickie (In Memory)13AMS & NW
213James B. McKinnon13AMS & NW
214Lloyd Wilson13AMS & NW
216Henry "Hank" Seeman13AMS & NW
217Denis King13AMS & NW
223Margie Shepherd46MWONT
228Earl W. Pollock32PNW
234Elmer Youck (In Memory)13AMS & NW
242Lee Gass35DMM
244Gaëtan Drapeau54QENS
246Peggy Dick13AMS & NW
247Norman Sagen13AMS & NW
248Liz Sagen13AMS & NW
260Eleanor "Ellie" Buzalsky (In Memory)13AMS & NW
277Stan Danbrook13AMS & NW
283James Hornett13AMS & NW
284Debby Morrison13AMS & NW
294Al Holt45SWONT
297Bob McFadyen46MWONT
304Bob Pancich13AMS & NW
305Roland Bourassa13AMS & NW
313Donald Heavirland32PNW
316Gene Black (In Memory)13AMS & NW
318Simon Lanthier50QC
330Gaëtane Boivin50QC
331Stéphane Morris50QC
343Gloria House13AMS & NW
346Ray Stanley45SWONT
358Emma H. Collins13AMS & NW
359Patti Welling13AMS & NW
362Mel Chatterson (In Memory)13AMS & NW
368James McWilliams13AMS & NW
369Myrna Sieben13AMS & NW
377Scott Radford13AMS & NW
390Gay Enyeart32PNW
397William P. French32PNW
400D. Glenn Jewison13AMS & NW
403Joe Vig35DMM
404Wayne Kindle35DMM
417Harpel Keller32PNW
428Marion Cummer (In Memory)13AMS & NW
443Bill Pennings35DMM
444Edward R Murphy III32PNW
449Dale Okland35DMM
461Becca Scholz35DMM
466Gerry Morrison (In Memory)32PNW
474Michael R. Wood45SWONT
479George L. Douglas35DMM
480Laurent Jodoin (In Memory)53QW
491Donald L. Berger35DMM
497Donald Angus (In Memory)13AMS & NW
498Debbie Merriam13AMS & NW
502Alain Savard52QS
513Jean Mercier53QW
514Raynald Laliberté53QW
520Karla Olson35DMM
521Matt Hanson35DMM
522David Green45SWONT
523Don Holmstrom (In Memory)13AMS & NW
536Robert Worthy46MWONT
537Johanne Seracino50QC
543Glen Kreller13AMS&NW
544Geneva Sopchyshyn13AMS&NW
546Ronald Thivierge50QC
550Raymond Deschamps53QUWE
551Bernard Bougie53QUWE
555Allen Walter Danks (In Memory)32PNW
561Luc Dubois52QUSUD
562Sharon Cross13AMS&NW
569Nicole Bailey13AMS&NW
571John Thieman35DMM
584Hermann Rogalski47CENON
585Gus Amodeo47CENON
581Noel Jean Berthiaume (In Memory)49EONT
591Richard Mercier50QC
592Harvey Johnson13AMS&NW
601Thomas McNaught47CENON
602Carilyn McNaught47CENON
603Micheline Gagnon53QUWE
604John A. Anderson13AMS&NW
611Jack Southall (In Memory)47CENON
614Bernard Labrecque55QEA
615Norman Heimbecker (In Memory)47CENON
618In Memory of Nicole Normand53QUWE
619Claude Vaillancourt52QUSUD
636In Memory of Malcolm "Mac" McDonald47CENON
637Manon Daigneault50QC
650Diane Ouelette53QUWE
651Michel Geoffroy53QUWE
652Raymonde Michaud55QEA
656Denise Nacev47CENON
662Daniel Frappier50QC
675Bob Ives (In Memory)47CENON
680Donna J. Suggitt35DMM
681Madeleine Poulin55QEA
682Rhéal Bazinet49EONT
683Claire Bergeron52QUSUD
684Adrien Tremblay55QEA
686Regis Malenfant55QEA
694Angela Burlton (In Memory)50QC
695Paul-André Parent53QUWE
696Robert Perron53QUWE
697Alain Gailloux53QUWE
698Josée Galarneau50QEA
699Ginette Quesnel49EONT
705Richard Marcil50QEA
707Johanne Guay50QEA
708Yvette Plante50QEA
709Lucie Massé50QEA
721Fred Strickland
740Yvon Quesnel
747Leslie Trevor
748Cheryl Card (In Memory)13AMS&NW


HarrisonAs Optimists, William H.Harrison is our first Optimist International President.

The Optimist International Foundations introduced the William H. Harrison Society in 2001. The organization is named after the first Optimist International President, William H. Harrison, whose drive and determination helped propel Optimist International into a premier service organization. The Foundations’ Boards of Directors created this Society as a special way to recognize the Major Donors of the Foundations.

Gary B. Cross
James B. McKinnon
Donald MacDonald
Luc Dubois
Jean-Claude St-Onge
Keivin Wallace
Vince Parker
Duane Kelly
Lyle M.Merriam
Brian A. Clements
Frederick W. Strickland
Yves Berthiaume
Rod McKendrick