Please select a recognition level below to read the details and proceed to a donation. Once you have selected the level of recognition you are most interested in, please download the donation form and send it back to us by email or by mail (contact information is on the donation form).


20151002_114423Small gesture, Big impact !
Support the CCOF by making an annual gift of $36.50, a dime a day.
This recognition level is an easy way for many members to begin their giving commitment.

Our way to say thank you: receive the Dime-a-day pin by your DFR 

Encourage the CCOF by making an annual gift of $100.
Donors who contribute at this level of recognition are members of the Century Circle.

Our way to say thank you: receive the Century Circle coaster by your DFR

Support the CCOF by making a gift $250.
Our way to say thank you: get the limited edition collector’s plate by your DFR

You may join the Foundation President’s Club by committing to donate a minimum donation of $250 per year, for 5 years. New members will receive the Foundation President’s Club pin and are invited to attend a special function at the annual International Convention.Click here for more information on the Foundation President’s Club.

Support the CCOF by making a donation of $500.
Donors who contribute at this level of recognition become what we call Friends of Today of the CCOF.

Our way to recognize your generosity: receive a signed, limited edition lithograph depicting a group of children with a smile by your DFR 

Special Recognition

As Optimists, we live by the Optimist Creed written by Christian D. ­Larson. To honor the author of such a great Creed, a level of recognition was adopted in 2006. For an annual gift of $1,000, participants can become Members of the Christian D. Larson Partners for following the Creed and helping fund the Foundation’s mission through their personal giving.


  1. Christian D. Larson Partners receive a plaque presented by the DFR (if a Member), mailed if not.
  2. Memberships are available to individuals (not couples, not Clubs) only – but may be given by a club, by an individual or in honor/in memory of someone.
  3. Individual Members may or may not be Members of Optimist ­International.
  4. Donors may combine multiple unrestricted gifts in one Optimist fiscal year to achieve the $1,000 level.
  5. However, the Membership number will be assigned on the date of the gift reaching the $1,000 ­contribution.
  6. Gifts must be for the unrestricted use of the respective Foundation.
  7. Gifts are credited to the writer of the check and included in ­recognition totals.
  8. Memberships became available on gifts beginning July 5, 2006. Past gifts do not apply.
  9. Memberships are numbered.
  10. Membership numbers are assigned on the date actual checks, cash or stock are received by the Foundations’ bank or brokerage accounts – not based on pledge date.
  11. Membership numbers should be assigned irrespective of OIF, CCOF or FOEC. Example: Member 20 might give to CCOF and Member 21 might give to OIF.

The Optimist International Foundations introduced the William H. ­Harrison Society in 2001. The organization is named after the first ­Optimist International President, William H. Harrison, whose drive and determination helped propel Optimist International into a premier ­service organization.

The Foundations’ Boards of Directors created this Society as a special way to recognize the Major Donors of the Foundations.

To become a Member of the Society, life-to-date giving to the Optimist ­International Foundations must be $10,000 or more. Annual ­contributions of $1,000 are required to maintain Membership in the Society. ­Members of the Society will be invited to attend a recognition dinner with the Foundations’ Boards of Directors at the International Convention.

The Donor is automatically in the Society when meeting the criteria.


  1. Donor must have a life-to-date of $10,000 and contribute $1,000 annually to the Foundation.
  2. Not a pledge program; the Member must have contributed the actual dollars to become a Member.
  3. Members of the Society are invited to a recognition dinner with the OIF/CCOF Boards of Directors at the International Convention.
  4. Must continue to contribute $1,000 annually to remain an active member.
  5. Members receive a ribbon noting their Membership in Society to be worn with Convention badge.
Pay tribute to a loved one by making a gift to his honor or to his memory.
You can also highlight the work of your Club President , Lieutenant-Governor, Governor or Vice-President by making a donation to his honor.
For a donation of $ 100 or more, you may request a personalized banner patch.