2019-2020 CCOF President Incentive Grants

Deadline: June 30, 2020

How to apply:
Please download and fill the application form and send it by e-mail to info@ccof-foec.org, or regular mail before June 30, 2020. The document has to be received before that date.

Please note that the Club President must sign the application form.

What kind of projects can we submit?
You can submit any new innovative community projects, where community refers to a group of people sharing a common purpose or interest.

Goal of the project:
1. Promoting and encourage the education, health, social, artistic or physical development and growth of Canadian youth.
2. Bring about the relief of poverty and its adverse effects upon Canadian youth in particular and upon Canadian society in general.

Who can apply?
The applicant must be a Canadian adult Optimist Club in good standing with Optimist International. The Club must have made a donation to the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation.

How to vote: 
All individual Optimist donors are eligible to have a vote on a project. A contribution of a minimum of $36.50 Dime a Day to the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation is required to get one vote. For each incremental unrestricted donation of $50 a donor will receive an additional vote, so if you gave an amount of $200 you would have an additional 4 votes. If you have already given a donation since October 1, 2019 you will be eligible to vote, if for instance you have given an unrestricted donation of $250 in addition to your Dime a Day contribution you would be eligible to an additional 5 votes. Optimist club President are eligible to vote if the club makes a minimal unrestricted donation of $50. They would also get an additional vote for each $50 donation made after the initial donation.  So if the club made an additional donation of $500 the Club President would receive a further 10 votes.

You could get other individuals and corporations as donors in your community involved with the voting process with a minimum unrestricted donation of $50, then they support the Canadian Children’s Optimist Foundation and receive a tax receipt.